Design Academy Eindhoven announces the fourth episode of its GEO—DESIGN exhibiton platform: a digital exhibition on the complex dynamics of COVID-19.

The world is currently bearing witness to a virus with unique conditions of contagion that created a pandemic of unexpected scale, ubiquity, and duration. The fragilities of global supply chains were suddenly exposed at their breaking points; the relationships of bodies and spaces drastically changed; perspectives on working arrangements have evolved as digital control systems have become more visible.

GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving: a digital journey through the complex manifestations of a global pandemic in the context of late-capitalist society — a chain of original readings that open up an unexpectedly immediate reality marked by acceleration, deceleration and creativity.

To see the online exhibition, please use a desktop computer.

GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving is the fourth episode in the ongoing series of exhibitions produced by the GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform of Design Academy Eindhoven. Entirely conceived and produced for the digital realm, the online exhibition collects and interlinks eight original projects developed from June to September 2020 by alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven. With strikingly different approaches to design and research, the online exhibition explores individual as well as global contexts through digital languages—coding, communication systems, video essays and 3D renderings.

The original coding of the interface and the open structure through which the projects are navigable mirrors the logic of a open and unfixed narrative — each research-based project is one possible point of observation of a larger and complex ongoing changing reality. The projects are navigable through infinite paths unveiling the interconnections and the interdependency of each of them in approaching individual as well global contexts.


Colette Aliman with Lauriane Heim, Noemi Biasetton, Colin Keays, Felicity Morris, Tamara Orjola with The Anderen, Clara Ormières with Mathilde Philipponnat, Vincent Thornhill, Marvin Unger with Jasper Zehetgruber


Martina Muzi


Domitille Debret, Giacomo Nanni


Quentin Creuzet, Niek van Sleeuwen


Raffaela Vandermühlen, Ilka van Steen


Joseph Grima, Creative Director
Mechtild van den Hombergh, Director of Organisation
Raf de Keninck, Director Education and Research


The GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform is an ongoing design research initiative for the alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven which approaches design from an investigative perspective, proposing new formats of research into the socio-economic, geographical and geopolitical forces shaping the work of designers today. Launched in 2018 by Design Academy Eindhoven. More info: