Design Academy Eindhoven announces the fourth episode of its GEO—DESIGN exhibiton platform: a digital exhibition on the complex dynamics of COVID-19.

The world is currently bearing witness to a virus with unique conditions of contagion that created a pandemic of unexpected scale, ubiquity, and duration. The fragilities of global supply chains were suddenly exposed at their breaking points; the relationships of bodies and spaces drastically changed; perspectives on working arrangements have evolved as digital control systems have become more visible.

GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving: a digital journey through the complex manifestations of a global pandemic in the context of late-capitalist society — a chain of original readings that open up an unexpectedly immediate reality marked by acceleration, deceleration and creativity.

To see the online exhibition, please use a desktop computer.

Distanced Bodies by Clara Ormieres & Mathilde Philipponnat


Distanced Bodies observes social distancing through the lens of micro fictions as it showcases subjective models of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking place in an anomalous space, a temporary frozen reality. If we put everything on hold, are these the standards? This question resonates through scenes of daily life recreated from widely accessible images.

The created narratives act as models of distancing, showing possible next steps. People are replaced by mannequin dummies, test-proofing each situation and the realities deriving from it. The question arises: How do we remain human whilst having to act as though we weren’t?

Six movies hang in time and space, offering an anomalous extra dimensional space inspecting reality where standards of distancing have become laws of physics that govern the relation between bodies and environment. Considering widely-spread images of distancing, where are we heading?

CGI Assistant : Stijn Stumpel
Sound Design : Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière

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Next Project: Crisis\Utopia
Distanced Bodies Mutated Industry

Contemporary dreams of automation challenge the relationship between body and machine. Drastic limitations to social interactions, transport and travel expand to the shape of breaking links in supply chains. Protectionism within the social sphere scales up to economic protectionism as companies who defined themselves as global players are forced to re-think their sphere of action to a national scale.

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Distanced Bodies Crisis\Utopia

The so-called ‘New Normality’ is an emotional reality shaped by utopian hopes and dystopian fears, fuelled by experiences of digital connectedness and physical distancing. Drastically reducing CO2 emissions or placing community values at the center of developments used to be viewed as utopian ideas. During the crises of COVID-19 they are surfacing as implemented realities.

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