Design Academy Eindhoven announces the fourth episode of its GEO—DESIGN exhibiton platform: a digital exhibition on the complex dynamics of COVID-19.

The world is currently bearing witness to a virus with unique conditions of contagion that created a pandemic of unexpected scale, ubiquity, and duration. The fragilities of global supply chains were suddenly exposed at their breaking points; the relationships of bodies and spaces drastically changed; perspectives on working arrangements have evolved as digital control systems have become more visible.

GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving: a digital journey through the complex manifestations of a global pandemic in the context of late-capitalist society — a chain of original readings that open up an unexpectedly immediate reality marked by acceleration, deceleration and creativity.

To see the online exhibition, please use a desktop computer.

Crisis\Utopia by Colin Keays


Crisis\Utopia looks at different realities we are accelerating towards as a result of global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, through a lens of utopian thinking.

This pandemic has exposed vast societal inequalities – but equally, it has set the foundation for prominent changes, many of which could lead to a more just global society. Contextualising utopian imagination, Crisis\Utopia weaves together case studies and emerging social trends. Is the world we are currently facing a prototype for utopia?

Four narratives become fictional 3D-rendered landscapes centred around different spatial archetypes: the factory, housing, the warehouse, and the streetscape; connected through a central map which references the original Utopia that Thomas More conceptualised in 1516.

Concept Design & Research: Colin Keays
Visual Narratives & Art Direction: Divya Patel
3D Navigation System: Naysan Foroudi
Web Development & Coding: Niek van Sleeuwen
Voice Actors: Anshula Bain, Jack Bardwell, Colin Keays
Open Source Sounds Effects from

Next Project: The World through a Webcam
Next Project: Anti-Virus Assistant (Ava)
Crisis\Utopia The World through a Webcam

As digital spaces become popular alternatives to varying physical spaces of interactions during the pandemic of COVID-19, ideas of reshaping urban landscapes emerge. Since the outset of the pandemic, urban planners are questioning which emerging trends will linger and shape the way cities are built, maintained, and lived in. Digitisation is becoming apparent as a development re-shaping both public, domestic and professional environments and is, as such, prone to present virtues and shortcomings.

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Crisis\Utopia Anti-Virus Assistant (Ava)

Historically, periods of crisis have accelerated technical developments with a close link to mechanisms of control. As technical solutionism guides the developments of anti-viral technologies during the pandemic of COVID-19, technological surveillance becomes both tangible in implementation and invisible, allowing utopias of transparency and safety to, potentially, turn into unknown dystopias.

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