Design Academy Eindhoven announces the fourth episode of its GEO—DESIGN exhibiton platform: a digital exhibition on the complex dynamics of COVID-19.

The world is currently bearing witness to a virus with unique conditions of contagion that created a pandemic of unexpected scale, ubiquity, and duration. The fragilities of global supply chains were suddenly exposed at their breaking points; the relationships of bodies and spaces drastically changed; perspectives on working arrangements have evolved as digital control systems have become more visible.

GEO—DESIGN: COVID-19. Travelling without moving: a digital journey through the complex manifestations of a global pandemic in the context of late-capitalist society — a chain of original readings that open up an unexpectedly immediate reality marked by acceleration, deceleration and creativity.

To see the online exhibition, please use a desktop computer.

Anti-Virus Assistant (Ava) by Vincent Thornhill


Covid-19 has disrupted what you have now come to call ‘normal life’. I’m sorry to hear that. But with the wide variety of technological solutions being proposed by governments and technology companies around the world, there’s a road back to normality for any context!

Hi, I’m Ava. I offer assistance to those who want to review these possibilities; matching them with an anti-virus solution to fulfil their needs. By asking a few simple questions about role authorities and corporations should play, and the tools and data they should use, together we can explore the world in search of solutions to the social and economic problems the pandemic has created. With the limitless potential of connected, sensing, data-driven technologies, we’ll find a way to delete this virus from our networked societies!

Coding, UI, and interaction design: Niek van Sleeuwen
3D Design: Filip Setmanuk

Next Project: PEPP¥
Next Project: The World through a Webcam
Anti-Virus Assistant (Ava) PEPP¥

The application of user-generated data through governmental digital technologies can be viewed as a manifestation of power, facilitated by an increasing digitisation of societies. The friction between user freedom and institutional control intensifies during the pandemic of COVID-19 as online user participation via social media might shape political narratives.

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Anti-Virus Assistant (Ava) The World through a Webcam

Ranging from high standards of privacy and transparency of data ownership to tech solutionism, the friction between users and corporations as supra-governmental entities intensifies. Digital governance enters the private space and surpasses national geographies through the implementation of digital conferencing tools.

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